Online ads, garage sales, and the neighborhood curb. These are just some of the places you can visit in pursuit of your next living room piece. Sometimes people chuck away their dressers because they feel they've gotten the most out of its life, but as soon as you see it you know you can revive it. DIY dresser makeovers have been around for years and the do-it-yourselfers in all of us know a good find when we see one. Just in case you're stuck on where to start, however, we have a few ideas you might want to take a look at.

DIY Dresser Makeovers

1. A New Color

If this is your first DIY project then you're most likely being bombarded with information from various websites on how to do things properly or what looks best. Sometimes, though, the best thing you can do for your find is to dress it up with a new color. It doesn't take much time and it's an easy way to breathe a new life into your dresser.

2. An Ombre Pattern

Maybe you'd prefer to have more than one color on your dresser. Hey, why not? There are tons of ways to play with an ombre pattern that lets you include six or seven new shades in one convenient piece. Simply grab a paint card from a hardware store and work off of that.

3. Changing Locations

Even though it may have lived in the bedroom in a past life, dressers can be relocated to suit your tastes. Just about every room in the house can use a space-saving element. Paint them however you like to match the aesthetic of a new room. They can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, or dining rooms.

4. Make It Something New

With Halloween just around the corner, now's the perfect time to host a party and serve some of your favorite drinks. If you don't have a bar cart or wine bar around, you can transform an old dresser into a modern-looking wine bar for your next get together. There are more DIY dresser makeovers online depending on your skills and what you're looking to accomplish with your piece.

5. Accentuating Details

Sometimes you find a dresser with designs too beautiful to paint over. Well, there's no need to get rid of them at all. A fresh coat of paint for the drawers and some finish for the intricacies of your piece will make everything pop. Highlight those details to make everything look brand new.

6. Keep Things Rustic

A lot of DIY dresser makeovers call for remodeling your secondhand find completely. But what if you prefer to keep things rustic? You don't need to splash fresh paint on there or remove any shelves to have a chic design on your hands. Plenty of tutorials will show you the way to the rustic life while keeping your dresser looking its best.

7. Vintage Designs

Speaking of maintaining old school designs, you can paint your drab dresser so it replicates items from the past. If this isn't your first DIY rodeo, then you're probably used to the lay of the land by now. Even if you're someone who's just more creative, you can paint your dressers with various designs on them to have them look however you want.

8. Bring Out The Wood

As we mentioned, sometimes our finds have characteristics we'd rather not get rid of. And there's no reason to! Try focussing on the wood finish of your dressers to see if they can be salvaged. Highlighting the wood (or adding a wood finish yourself) really makes things pop, but also gives the piece a to-die-for antique look.

9. Stencil The Drawers

You might be thinking, "Okay. But people are only going to see the outside of the dresser, so why would I focus on the inside?" Simple. Dressers have many components to them and this part of its body is often overlooked. It's also an uncomplicated redesign that's perfect if you're just beginning your DIY career.

10. Twofer Designs

When you have a new dresser in the house or when you're in a hurry it can be hard to remember which items are where. Are the socks in your first drawer? Maybe it was shirts... You can solve the crisis by making your dresser into a chalkboard. Label the drawers however you like to save yourself time or have your kids draw on them to keep them occupied.

11. Focus On The Little Things

Sure, all of these DIY dresser makeovers look great, but who has the time to sit and paint an old piece of furniture? And if you don't, why pay someone to do a job you're capable of doing yourself... eventually. As opposed to all the hoopla of remodeling your dresser entirely, paint smaller patterns on it like flowers or stripes to give it a new look without taking up a ton of your time.

12. New Elements

If you really want to give your dresser a great makeover you can try an idea that's a little outside the box. Make the drawer pulls new again by using leather belts instead. It's an easy way to give your piece a little something extra and make it stand out from the rest. This also works well the handles can't be salvaged or they need serious repairs.

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