I don't know about you, but even as an adult I enjoy going to a good Halloween party. It doesn't need to be a party where everyone dresses up or plays games; sometimes getting together with good food and thoughtful activities can make the gathering something special. Whatever your tastes, we're here to help you plan your perfect get together with our Halloween party ideas.

We know sometimes the little ones have parties of their own. Well, we have you covered there too. Kids need to be entertained and deserve a well-planned party to make their night something to remember.

Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

We're going to start with the adult parties first. We all know that as we get older our love of the holidays tends to diminish, but these tips will help recapture the magic.

Serve That Good Food

There are a ton of different recipes and appetizers you can include in your party. Sure, the kiddos like having their fair share of candy but there's no reason why you can't indulge one night of the year either. You can make a wide variety of apps like:

Caramel Apples

candy apples with different candy garnishes

A traditional treat is caramel apples. Not only can you dress them up with a collection of garnishes, but you can also make them look poisoned with a little black food coloring.

Decorated Sugar Cookies

an assortment of halloween sugar cookies

Something easy to make is Halloween sugar cookies. You can decorate them to your tastes and make them in a variety of shapes.

Tangerine Pumpkins And Banana Ghosts

bananas made to look like ghosts and tangerines made into pumpkins

If you're looking to keep things on the healthier side then you can make a simple snack of only some fruit. They're also not very filling so your guests will be able to stock up on other items.

Mummy Pigs In A Blanket

pigs in a blanket that look like mummies

It's important to remember that you don't need to just serve candy or sweets. You can (and should) break out a wide variety of finger foods for your guests to munch on. There are ways to dress up your appetizers for Halloween, but if you want something more mellow than just serve your items with dishes and napkins that match the colors of your party.

A cute way to have everyone join in on the fun is to get your guests involved. Ask them to bring something on theme for the party to take some of the weight off your shoulders or make something as a group. An added bonus is having you and your friends decorate cookies or cupcakes to their tastes and judging whose is best.

Get Your Decorations On Point

modern, chic halloween decorations with flowers and white pumpkins

It would take us a whole day to go through all the different decorations you could use for a party - even for adults. If you're someone who's Halloween spirit is alive and well then there's no harm in going all out. Deck your place out with:

  • Spooky decorations
  • Wreaths
  • Garlands
  • Bowls of candy in various rooms
a pumpkin and two candles in the dark

If, however, you'd like to have something a little more lowkey then there are ways to keep things classy but festive. You can buy mini pumpkins for your mantles, play around with lighting (such as having more candles lit than actual lights on in the home), or arranging bouquets of flowers around the home that match your party's colors.

Give Your Bar Cart A Festive Makeover

A huge reason we adults like partying is for the free booze. That's why it's a good idea to give your bar cart the makeover it deserves. Get the essentials ready for festive drinks, like the candy corn jello shot, and add some Halloween-themed decorations like a skull or a nice bouquet to the cart.

A fun little way to make things extra creepy would be to stick labels on your alcohol reading "poison" or "bewitched blood." Make them your own to fit your tastes and have them be personal to your style.

Have Party Favours Ready

Even adults like to snack on candy every now and again. A simple trick to hosting a sublime party is giving away party favors. Halloween is an easy time to get favors ready because there are lots of things you can do.

  • Get loot bags together. An easy thing to do would be to put together little loot bags filled with candy and chocolate.
  • Bags of caramel corn. You can also give little bags of caramel corn away. Tossing some candy in there as well will match the aesthetic of the holiday and give a little surprise for guests.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

two little kids on halloween in costumes

Their festive spirits are high, they're ready for sugar rushes, and they're all dressed to impress. Kids' Halloween party ideas are plentiful with no shortage of ways to keep them entertained.

Move Things Outside

For the most part, adults like to have good conversation and indulge in some yummy drinks. Kids, on the other hand, are ready to run around and party. This is why it's a good idea to move things into the backyard. There'll be more space for them to play, you can have candy stations set up, and depending on the weather, they'll be able to enjoy the fresh air with their friends.

Keep 'Em Entertained

kids making faces with halloween cut outs and decorated pumpkins

There are so many games you can include in a kid's Halloween party. One of the cool things about these little activities is that you can even make up your own based on what you know your little ones like or what you think will keep them interested. If you need some help, though, you can try:

  • Pin the tail on the cat. Donkeys don't exactly make me think of Halloween, but cats sure do. Draw a black cat on a paper and make tails for the kids to try and pin on it. You can also try different characters like pinning the smile on the pumpkin or the hat on the witch.
  • Decorating stations. Just like with the adult Halloween party ideas, you can get kids involved in the treats. Bake some cookies and have them decorate the faces however they like. They can also help with cupcakes.
  • Paper plate jack-o-lanterns. A fun game to play is to give all the kids a paper plate and a marker. Have them place the paper plate on their head and attempt to draw their best jack-o-lantern. Whoever wins can get a prize, or you can give everyone a candy for doing their best work so no one is excluded.
  • Toilet paper mummies. Here's something your kids have probably done on their own anyway. Split the kids into teams and have them choose one person to be the mummy. Whichever team wraps their designated mummy first is the winner.

Get Crazy With The Decorations

a living room decorated with halloween decorations

Unlike adult Halloween parties, kids will love whichever decorations you put up. You also won't have to worry about keeping things chic since they just like the effort you put in to make it more fun. There are lots of different themes you can follow such as a monster theme, skeleton theme, or even ones based off of kids' movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Frankenweenie.

pumpkins on the mantle and paper cutouts of creepy things on the wall

They'll also appreciate the extra effort of decorating outside the party space. Having cobwebs on the stairs' railings or black and orange balloons in the hallway are fun ways to keep things festive throughout the house.

Fetch The Pinatas

Kids have been able to get free candy every other Halloween, so this year why not make them put a little work in? You can either purchase or make your own pinata for the kids to break into and retrieve their goodies. An added bonus to making your own pinata is being able to keep things extra festive by making a skull or pumpkin. This is also another terrific addition to an outdoor bash if you plan to take things outside.

It's obviously a good idea to keep some candy and sweets throughout the house as well. Having a pinata is just an added bonus for the little guys. Plus, it'll help them burn off some energy.

Final Things To Keep In Mind

a table filled with pumpkins and candy

Remember that you shouldn't and really don't need to go outside your budget to throw a great party. The most important thing you need to do is live to your tastes and to the tastes of your guests. There are many things you can do to keep everyone involved and ensure people have a good time. Be sure all the guests are kept safe, entertained, and pumped full of sugar and you'll be fine.

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