Tuna is an excellent source of protein, healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. To keep this healthy fish in your diet without getting boring, there are many ways to use this ingredient in a variety of dishes:

Tuna Rigatoni With Sun-Dried Tomatoes

This is a simple but delicious recipe that is packed with protein and low in calories. This dish has a pasta base mixed with parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, tuna and various flavorings for a fresh meal perfect for summer dinners. Simply simmer the ingredients together, add them to the pasta and serve.

Lighter Tuna Casserole

This recipe is a lighter take on a classic comfort food. There are a ton of ingredients to mix in with the pasta and tuna, including mushrooms, peas, chicken stock, garlic and carrots, among other veggies. From prepping the ingredients, sautéeing them and baking, the dish takes around an hour to make -- but the hearty, healthy dish is worth the effort.

tuna casserole in red casserole dish

Gold Seal Tuna Mac And Cheese

Tuna meets mac 'n' cheese -- what could be better? This simple recipe combines pasta, cheddar, cream cheese, evaporated milk, tuna, olives, green onions and bread crumbs for a delicious, gooey meal that's perfect for the family. Just mix the ingredients together, heat the evaporated milk and cream cheese on a stovetop and bake everything together for 30 to 35 minutes.

Tuna, White Bean And Kale Soup

Forget chicken noodle soup -- this tuna, white bean and kale soup is hearty, healthy and sure to warm you on chilly winter days. It's also packed with protein, low in calories, and easy and quick to make. And despite the many healthy ingredients, the soup takes very little time to prepare -- only about half an hour.

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