We love a good banana bread recipe as a way to use up overripe fruit. But what if there was an easier approach? A Korean grocery store seems to have found the answer to all of our banana problems. Check out their inventive method below.

As you can see, this grocery store has really figured it out. They call their solution the "One a Day Banana" pack. The trick is that each container includes several different bananas, each of different ripeness levels. The idea is to eat one banana a day at optimum ripeness. That way, you have what you need but none that will go bad before you can enjoy it. We call that a huge win!

yellow bananas in basket

We can't get enough of the simple genius of this banana hack. But until stores in our area begin adopting this brilliant packaging move, we might be stuck with less than ideal produce. If that's the case, we have a few more recommendations to use up your brown bananas besides the aforementioned banana bread. Check out our amazing banana bread muffins or enjoy a boozy libation like a drool-worthy banana daiquiri. Or, step up your health game with some smoothie action, like our classic strawberry banana recipe. There's certainly no shortage of great ways to use up overripe bananas, but we sure hope this new Korean way catches on soon!

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