Nothing quite says "home" like the warm and comforting aroma of freshly baked homemade bread. Simple, yet cozy the scent of warm bread wafting from the oven is welcoming and familiar.

Baking bread is a labor of love. Yet, often you just want to have homemade bread without all the bother. We've sifted through dozens upon dozens of homemade bread recipes in search of 10 bread recipes anyone can make at home in a breeze!

1. Two-Ingredient Dough

pretzel bites

Originally developed as a low point bread alternative for those participating in the popular Weight Watchers program, two-ingredient dough quickly became a widespread phenomenon, for those seeking a quick and delicious way of making homemade bread.

With only two ingredients, plain Greek yogurt and self-rising flour, it's easy to see why two-ingredient dough grew in popularity. The dough is amazingly versatile, capable of being utilized as bagels, pretzel bites, bread sticks, pizza dough, and naan.

2. Copycat Olive Garden Breadsticks

olive garden breadsticks
Brittany Baxter

Craving unlimited soup and breadsticks tonight? Our copycat Olive Garden breadsticks are the ideal side dish or appetizer for your next weeknight Italian meal. Our copycat Olive Garden breadsticks are pillowy soft and coated in rich, creamy butter, then dusted in savory garlic just like the real deal; you may even find that you like the homemade version better!

3. Traditional Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread

Unlike traditional loaves of bread, which require yeast and eggs, traditional Irish soda bread uses baking soda and buttermilk as leavening agents. This approachable, humble loaf is not only simple but also calls for at-home staples, making it affordable and easy to prepare on a whim.

4. Homemade Italian Ciabatta Bread

ciabatta bread

Plump tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella layered on homemade Italian ciabatta bread is absolutely delightful! Soft and chewy, with large iconic holes and a tender interior with a crispy crust, this easy no-knead homemade Italian ciabatta bread will be the only bread recipe you ever need!

5. Basic Homemade White Bread

homemade white bread

You don't need a bread machine to make these fabulous homemade white bread loaves. All you need is all little patience, some healthy yeast, and a couple of bread pans to make this fluffy white loaf that is perfect sandwich bread. Say goodbye to store-bought bread forever when you have this easy bread recipe up your sleeve!

6. Two-Ingredient Ice Cream Bread

ice cream bread

You read that, right! Ice cream bread is a thing, and its to-die-for and incredibly easy to make. A magical duo of ice cream and self-rising flour, are combined to create an irresistible dessert-like bread. How does it work? You'll have to read more about this intriguing recipe to find out!

7. Apple Fritter Bread

apple fritter bread
Brittany Baxter

Similar to a warm apple fritter donut, Apple fritter bread has the perfect balance of autumnal flavors. Apple fritter bread is a delicate, tender dessert-like bread or cheery breakfast consisting of apples, and cinnamon, topped with a delicious apple streusel and drizzled with a sweet vanilla glaze.

8. Homemade Crusty French Baguette

homemade french baguette

Are you craving a crusty French baguette loaf? Then look no further! They say anyone can make a killer French baguette with this simple four-ingredient recipe. Set aside a lazy weekend and get ready to bake the chewiest, crustiest French baguette of your life! Make sure to have butter on hand, you're going to need it.

8. Copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

red lobster biscuits

Craving Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, can't go out or you're fresh out of the box mix? No worries, we have you covered! Our copycat Red Lobster cheddar biscuits are tender, buttery, cheesy, and can be whipped up in a snap. With their incredibly delicious baked-from-scratch taste, they're far superior to your standard box mix, we guarantee it!

9. Best Buttermilk Cornbread


The presence of sugar is what distinguishes Northern-style cornbread from its Southern-style cousin. If you prefer a sweeter cornbread with an airy, lighter texture than our northern style cornbread recipe is for you. But, for those that enjoy the traditional dense texture and savory taste created by bacon drippings, buttermilk, and white cornmeal, then you'll love our easy to prepare southern buttermilk cornbread. All you'll need to recreate this classic favorite is your trusty cast-iron skillet, some bacon grease, along with some at-home staples.

10. Classic Banana Bread

banana bread

An oldie but a goodie, banana bread remains a constant classic and a good reason not to toss overripe bananas. This basic home-baked bread recipe is ideal for light snacks and a quick morning breakfast. Although tasty in its original form, an easy twist can make this simple loaf more appealing. A chocolate chip banana bread is a creative way to make banana bread more exciting; you could also try the addition of blueberries, or a cinnamon streusel.

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