As the summer season steps into full swing, it's time to up our beverage game to match the weather. Enter the wine slushie, a favorite twist on a classic libation. Check out our roundup of the internet's best slushie recipes below!

Yes Way, Frosé.

Frosé is frozen rosé, and there's simply no better way to stay cool in the blistering heat than with a refreshing and boozy glass. A full step-by-step guide to show-stopping frosé is available on our site here. It's truly the drink of summer!

frose in coupe glasses

Snow Cone For The Win(e)

Technically a snow cone is just a more frozen slushie, so we simply had to include these adorable blackberry sangria snow cones. They would be absolute perfection for a fancy party!

frozen blackberries in bowl

Moscato Merriment

Moscato is a sweet white wine that is ideal for warm weather. Pair that with in-season peaches and it's a guaranteed winning combination. We love this recipe for Peach-Moscato Wine Slushies, and we know you will too!

peach slushie

Vacation In A Glass

Another wonderful wine slushie option is this tropical one. Even if you can't make it to the beach this summer, it will still taste like you're there with this perfect pairing of pineapple, pinot grigio, and peaches!

pineapple and peach frozen slushies

But First, Brunch.

These incredible frozen mimosas take Sunday Funday to a whole other level. Up your summer brunch game, and be the toast of the town with this great recipe!

mimosa with orange wedge

Bodacious Berries

Red wine slushies are another great way to enjoy this beverage trend. Our favorite pairs sweet red table wine with mixed berries, in this Triple Berry Wine Slush. Bonus? Not only is this delicious, but it's visually stunning too!

mixed berries slushie

Italian Slushies

Anything that combines limoncello, watermelon, and sparkly white wine is A+ in our book. That's why these Watermelon-Limoncello-Prosecco pretties are on our list of favorites. The fresh mint pushes this recipe right to summer boozy bliss.

frozen watermelon slushie with straw

Ravishing Riesling

No summer wine slushie list is complete without a Riesling option. And this Raspberry one is a winner in so many ways! It's refreshing, delicious, and health-conscious with no added sweetener.

frozen raspberries

We hope you try out some of these killer recipes this summer! Wine slushies are here to stay as a cooling seasonal libation, and we just love how they can elevate our entertaining and please our palates. Not a wino? Never fear, we have some other great options for refreshing beverages like:

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