Julia Child once said that a party without a cake is just a meeting. I tend to agree. But, if that cake doesn't impress, then it's just a party turned meeting with food.

Flaunt your unique style with delicious party desserts that are anything but a traditional cake that'll have your party guests raving for ages.

1. Cake Slice Rice Krispie Treats

cake slice rice krispie treats

Not many can resist the soft, buttery, gooey satisfying marshmallowy stretch of a delicious Rice Krispies treat! That's why these delectable pillowy treats make a terrific alternative to dense cake. Instead of traditional squares, the Rice Krispies are cut to resemble a slice of cake. The Cake Slice Rice Krispies have layers of color to mimic traditional cake. It's then dressed in delicate beehives of vanilla buttercream and then garnished with rainbow sprinkles for a dash of fun.

2. Homemade Ice Cream Cake

homemade ice cream cake
Brittany Baxter

Homemade ice cream cake is a refreshing change of pace from traditional cake. This decadent dessert has the potential for unlimited flavor and topping combinations, ideal for many party-goers!

This whimsical homemade ice cream cake consists of a traditional blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Sandwiched between the ice cream are a crunchy layer of cookie crumbles and toffee bits on top of gooey chocolate fudge — a smooth whipped cream frosting coats the surface of the cake.

3. Cakesicles


If you're a fan of the adorable miniature version cake pop, then you'll adore the grander variant cakesicle! Similar to cake pops, cakesicles are a simple sugary blend of cake mix and molded frosting dipped in ganache, resembling a popsicle. Cakesicles are a fun twist on your typical celebration-style cakes.

4. Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

loaded chocolate chip cookie pizza

Indulge in a warm, ooey, gooey, jumbo loaded chocolate chip cookie pizza smothered in a melted chocolate sauce, topped with your choice of various candies. Feel free to use our delicious copycat Gideon's Bakehouse chocolate chip cookies recipe for the cookie pizza base. This delectable dessert is guaranteed to be a hit at any celebration!

5. Cake Batter S'mores Bars

cake batter s'mores bars
Christina Muscarella

Cake batter s'mores bars are an out of this world sweet treat! This sinfully delicious hybrid-dessert combines two classic indulgences; funfetti cake and s'mores. This luscious, sticky dish is sure to make your guests ask for seconds!

6. Watermelon Cake

watermelon cake
Brittany Baxter

Are you celebrating during the warmer months? Consider a sweet and refreshing watermelon cake for your guests. Watermelon cake is merely watermelon shaped like a cake, covered in Cool Whip and embellished with delicious fresh berries. Watermelon cake is also a terrific alternative for those that are calorie-conscious or have dietary restrictions.

7. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

cake slice rice krispie treats

Homemade ice cream sandwiches are always guaranteed to be a real crowd-pleaser! Live life to your tastes and skip the grocery store. Preparing homemade ice cream sandwiches is less daunting than one may think. Bake any cookie of your choice, and fill with a scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream. We suggest using the following tasty recipes for your cookies; copycat Gideon's Bakehouse chocolate chip cookies, soft and buttery Amish sugar cookies or cake mix cookies.

8. Chocolate Lasagna

chocolate lasagna

Behold the chocolate lasagna! A creamy, chocolatey, velvety layered dessert. A smooth blend of cream cheese and cool whip are layered over a cookie crumb crust, followed by a rich chocolate pudding. The chocolate lasagna is topped with added cream, then drizzled with chocolate sauce and crushed cookies for added flair and sweetness.

9. Homemade Fruit Pizza

fruit pizza

If you fancy delicate desserts with fruit topping, then homemade fruit pizza is your ticket to happiness. Homemade fruit pizza features a jumbo sugar cookie made from scratch, coated with a luscious cream cheese frosting, and embellished with an arrangement of fruits. Homemade fruit pizza is a versatile treat, feel free to get creative with your fruit embellishments - keep it simple, or go big with a detailed design.

10. Oreo Cheesecake Dessert Shooter

oreo cheesecake dessert shooter

What's better than cheesecake? Portable cheesecake! These fun-sized non-alcoholic Oreo cheesecake dessert shooters are seriously addicting, absolutely delicious, and easy to prepare! Each adorable shooter contains a velvety cheesecake filling of cream cheese, powdered sugar, sour cream, vanilla extract, heavy cream, and Oreo cookies, atop a cookie crumb crust. Each cheesecake is topped with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

11. Oreo Truffles

oreo truffles
Brittany Baxter

Oreo truffles are outrageously simple to prepare at home and make a fantastic party dessert! Only requiring three ingredients; Oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate melting wafers- you'll be able to whip this sweet dessert up in a snap! Oreo truffles are also astonishingly versatile - adjusting the cookie flavor or candy coating will make a world of difference.

12. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

chocolate peanut butter pie
Brittany Baxter

This peanut butter and chocolate duo come together to create perfect party dessert harmony; chocolate peanut butter pie. Chocolate ganache and a smooth layer of peanut butter filling, loaded with mini chocolate chips, drizzled in dark chocolate, and layered in an intensely rich chocolate crust. One slice and you'll be in heaven!

There are literally a dozen ways you can skip cake in favor of something for more exciting at your next party. Try one of these delectable treats at your next event and kick traditional party desserts to the curb!

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