You've just prepped most of ingredients needed for your baking venture. You go to open the fridge, only to discover that you're fresh out of milk. Don't worry -- just take a glance around your kitchen for some milk substitutions to save that dish. There are many effective milk substitutions for baking, whether you've simply run out of milk, you want to try something else, or you are dairy-free.

Here are the eight best milk substitutes you can use when a recipe calls for milk.

8 Effective Milk Substitutes For Baking

1. Unsweetened Almond Milk

almond milk

Substitute one cup of unsweetened almond milk for one cup of milk.

Unsweetened almond milk is a fantastic alternative to milk because of its mild flavor and creamy mouthfeel. Although it has a subtle nutty flavor, it will not drastically alter the taste of your baked goods. Almond milk works wonderfully in desserts, especially cakes, pancakes, and vegan chocolate chip cookies.

2. Evaporated Milk

spoon in milk

Substitute a half of a cup of evaporated milk and a half of a cup of water for one cup of milk.

Diluting evaporated milk with water reduces the thickness of the liquid, making it similar to fresh milk. This is an economical choice for bakers, considering you can get several cans of evaporated milk for the same price you'd pay for one gallon of fresh milk. Try using evaporated milk when preparing flan, bread pudding, rice pudding, cakes, or scones.

3. Unsweetened Rice Milk

cup of rice milk

Substitute one cup of unsweetened rice milk for one cup of milk.

Like almond milk, rice milk can be easily substituted for dairy milk. Rice milk is mild in flavor and will not alter the taste of your baked goods. Rice milk is also the most hypoallergenic milk substitute, since it contains no gluten, soy, nuts, or dairy. Rice milk makes wonderful cookies, French toast, and blueberry muffins.

4. Water And Butter

glass of water

Substitute one cup of water and 1 1/2 teaspoons of butter for one cup of milk.

Water and butter can be substituted for milk when you are using cake mixes of any kind. If you're preparing a recipe that calls for a smaller amount of milk (a recipe for pie crust or cookie dough, for instance), you'll just need to substitute an equal amount of water. The milk in pie crusts and cookie dough is usually present to keep the dough from crumbling.

5. Plain Yogurt

bowl of yogurt with raspberries

Substitute one cup of plain yogurt for one cup of milk

Due to its acidity, yogurt will react with baking soda to support leavening. However, your baked goods will be slightly denser due to the thickness of the yogurt; they might also have some tangy notes. Yogurt makes terrific biscuits and coffee cakes.

6. Coconut Milk

coconut milk in bowl

Substitute one cup of coconut milk for one cup of milk.

Coconut milk is a suitable option for those who are lactose intolerant or for those who appreciate a mild coconut flavor in their baked goods. Due to its distinctive taste, coconut milk may not be the best replacement in some recipes. It would certainly enhance desserts that would benefit from an exotic flavor -- desserts such as brownies, butter cakes, and no-bake cookies.

7. Unsweetened Soy Milk

glass of soy milk

Substitute one cup of unsweetened soy milk for one cup of milk.

Another popular milk alternative is soy milk. Soy milk used in baked goods will yield similar results unless you're preparing a cream pie or pudding. Baked goods in which soy milk is the star of the show will get some attention, since the taste difference will be apparent.

9. Dry Milk

dried milk

Products vary, so it's best to follow the instructions on the package when adding water to your dry milk.

Dry milk is a useful pantry item. It's shelf-stable, portable, and economical. It's an excellent replacement for fresh milk in baking recipes, since it produces similar results in regard to texture and taste. Dry milk is a handy alternative for all of your baking needs, so if you don't have a couple of boxes in your pantry already, stock up! Dry milk can last for up to two years unopened in a cool, dry place, making it a lifesaver when you require some milk.

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